Product availability

The products available online on DMAG.eu web site are available at the same time in DMAG Stores in Milan.
Every product purchased is subjected to a quality control. In case the product does not meet the quality standards and/or when items are not longer available, the customer will receive an email notification from the Customer Service.
If the order contains one or more products that are allocated to the Stores, processing times may be delayed.


Product information

For each item, we provide pictures and descriptions with all relevant details pertaining to that item. 
Should you require further information regarding published items, please send an email to [email protected] outlining, in detail, exactly what you would like to know. 

Please note that original packaging cannot be guaranteed, as it is not always provided from our suppliers. In case of footwear with damaged original box, the purchased product will be shipped without box, inside DMAG packaging.


Order processing

DMAG.eu processes orders the day after the order’s placement, or the next available working day. Orders placed from Friday to Sunday will be processed the following Monday. DMAG.eu reserves the right to refuse an order in cases where Gestpay does not obtain approval from the customer’s bank. Once an order is confirmed and items have been processed, the order and any other information provided cannot be changed. Orders placed separately will be dispatched separately. DMAG.eu reserves the right to delay any shipment in cases where, for any reason, DMAG.eu cannot properly process orders due to unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances. Please note that during seasonal and promotional sales, delays may occur during order processing. DMAG.eu reserves the right to refuse the processing of orders and/or service at any moment.

DMAG.eu processes orders in Milan, from Monday to Friday, excluding the following public holidays: 

1st January
6th January
2nd April
25th April
1st May
2nd June
15th August
1st November
7th December
8th December
25th December
26th December


Order status

Should you like to know the status of your order, please e-mail us at [email protected] with the first and last name in which the order was placed, shipping address and order number that you received with the order confirmation. We will send you an email with your order status.


Promotional codes

Customers whom receive a PROMO CODE through an authorized social network or on authorized websites, can insert the PROMO CODE at the checkout page. Each PROMO CODE has a specific duration that cannot be extended.





Shipping methods

DMAG.eu delivers parcels all over the world via DHL Express. In compliance with the current international regulations of commerce, there will be an official invoice inside the parcel, along with the merchandise. The invoice will carry the total amount of the purchased merchandise in the same currency of the original order. Also the invoice will show the amount of each item purchased.


Available items 

Orders made of confirmed items (subjected to availability), will be processed on the following business day upon confirmation of the bank transaction. The payment amount of the transactions made by credit cards will be settled only when processing the order. If the payment method chosen is bank transfer, the order will be shipped only after the payment is confirmed and validated by our bank. Please note that during seasonal sales and promotional sales, delays may occur in the order’s processing.


Delivery time

DMAG.eu ships all over the world via DHL Express. DMAG.eu cannot be accountable for delays of the shipments due to meteorological conditions, customs inspections and other circumstances that are out of DMAG.eu’s control. 

Delivery for shipments addressed to locations in Italy, usually take 1-5 business days.
Delivery for shipments to addresses within the European Union, usually take 2-7 business days. Delivery for shipments addressed to the rest of the world can take 4-8 business days.


Shipping costs

Shipping costs for each specific geographic area are listed below.



Shipping costs: €8 (free on orders over €200)



Shipping costs: €20 (free on orders over €200)

Member countries of the EU include: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.


Prices shown on the website for Switzerland include duty and tax fees. The parcel will be delivered with no further costs.

Shipping costs: €25 (free on orders over €300)


Prices shown on the website for Japan include duty and tax fees. The parcel will be delivered with no further costs.

Shipping costs: €35 (free on orders over €400)



Shipping costs: €35 (free on orders over €400)



Prices shown on the website for United States of America include duty and tax fees. The parcel will be delivered with no further costs.

Shipping costs: €35 (free on orders over €400)

In order to complete the delivery, the customs bureau may ask customers’ personal Social Security Number (SSN).



Shipping costs: €35 (free on orders over €400)

DMAG.eu informs customers that it is not allowed to send jewellery and fashion jewellery to the Russian Federation.
Please note that any duty and tax fees are at the charge of the client. Such fees are calculated by and should be paid directly to the local courier service. 



Shipping costs: €40 (free on orders over €500)

Please note that any duty and tax fees are at the charge of the client. Such fees are calculated by and should be paid directly to the local courier service.



Shipment tracking

Once orders are completed and placed in the care of the courier, customers will receive an email from DHL providing the tracking number (AWB) related to the order.
Customers may visit DHL official website www.dhl.com/en.html and insert the given AWB number in “Track Your Shipment”. However, customers may also find tracking numbers for orders by entering 'My Account' and clicking 'My Orders'. Select the order desired and all information pertaining to it will be provided including the tracking number. Once tracking number is found, customers should visit DHL's website and follow the instructions provided above. 


Shipment insurance

DMAG.eu insures each shipment from theft and accidental damages at no extra costs for customers. Once the parcel reaches the final destination, merchandise is no longer covered by such insurance.


Delivery of the parcel

At delivery time, customers are kindly invited to carefully inspect the parcel before signing and confirming the completed delivery. DMAG.eu carefully seals parcels with customized adhesive packing tape.
In case the customer receives a parcel that has been opened by Customs or by the Carrier for authorized inspections, the parcel will be closed with a guarantee seal by the specific party.

If the parcel appears damaged, or the adhesive tape is not intact, customers are kindly invited to sign the delivery of the parcel with the note “Received unchecked”, or to refuse the delivery of the parcel. In cases where the parcel remains 'untouched', customers are kindly invited to open a claim with the local DHL office and promptly contact DMAG.eu at address [email protected].

If the parcel is not intact and the customer signs the delivery without the note “Received unchecked”, delivery will be deemed automatically accepted and consequently DMAG.eu will not accept any related claim.




By placing an order, customers establish a commercial relationship with DMAG.eu and commit to accepting delivery of the parcel related to the order placed. If the parcel cannot be delivered to the given shipping address due to causes ascribable to the absent cooperation of the customer (wrong or incorrect phone number, wrong or incorrect shipping address, absent receiver), or if the customer refuses to collect the parcel, the parcel will be returned to the sender DMAG.eu in Italy at customer’s expense.
Please note that in case that, for any reason, customer refuses the delivery of the parcel, shipping costs and import duty fees related to the automatic return of the parcel to DMAG.eu will be charged to the customer. This amount will be deducted from the total amount of the order to be refunded.





DMAG.eu accepts the following payment methods: credit cards, paypal, bank transfer.


Credit card

Data of the credit card will be sent to the online banking protected system provided by Gestpay.
DMAG.eu accepts payment through the following networks: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro,  Diners Club and JCB.

Security of the credit card

In order to receive further protection on ecommerce transactions, DMAG.eu suggests customers  activate the security PIN codes given by Verified by Visa and SecureCode by Mastercard.
For further information, DMAG.eu invites customers to visit the websites www.visa.com and www.mastercard.com 

Charge of credit card

If funds are sufficient and data correctly inserted, the transaction will be automatically authorized.
Customers will then receive an email of the order confirmation. The amount authorized is temporarily blocked on user's card as a request of payment.



It's possible to simply pay by choosing PayPal at checkout and following the instructions.
To register for a PayPal account, please visit the link: www.paypal.com .
Once the order has been completed, the transaction will be visible on customer's PayPal account.


Bank Transfer

By clicking on bank transfer as a desired payment method, customers automatically receive a order confirmation. In the order confirmation, customers are able to find all the necessary information (bank details, etc.) to complete the payment to DMAG's bank.

WARNING: before proceeding with bank transfer payment, please wait for product availability confirmation from the Customer Service.

After receiving confirmation, payments must be completed and confirmed within 48 hours. Customers are kindly asked to send proof of payment via email ([email protected]). DMAG.eu reserves the right to cancel orders whose proof of payment are not sent after the allowed 48 hours.
Orders will be processed the same day the payment is received and confirmed by DMAG's bank. 

Customers will require the following bank information in order to complete bank transfers: 


IBAN= IT50Y0326801605052329818250 


NOTE: order number ( ex: R0000000000 ) - first and last name on the billing address


New Customer

DMAG.eu would like to inform new customers that DMAG.eu reserves the right to request security based verification on transactions to our bank.
Such verifications may cause delays in order processing.
Also, DMAG.eu may require that the merchandise will be shipped to the billing address of the order, when different from the shipping address.





Prices shown and final invoices will be in Euro (EUR) for all the shipping countries.
DMAG.eu has provided several currencies directly on its site which can been seen by selecting the shipping country. These conversions are to be intended as merely indicative.


Should customers want to understand the Euro value in their own currency, they also can go to www.xe.com/en/currencyconverter.
The final amount on credit cards may vary based on the fluctuations of currency and of the bank commissions. DMAG.eu kindly suggests customers to contact their bank to inform themselves on the value of the prices’ conversion and about the bank commissions related to the transaction.

Credit cards will be charged in Euro (EUR), and the final price will be calculated and charged by applying the exchange rate specific to the day in which the transaction occurs. 





For any reason, customers can return their order, either entirely or partially. Items can be returned for a size/colour exchange upon availability or for a refund within 14 working days from the date of delivery of the parcel.

Items must be returned in the same original conditions, not worn or washed, with the original return tag/security seal still attached and neatly packed.


Customer can choose between the following options:

Colour/Size Exchange

Items can be exchanged for the same model in a different size or colour, if available. Exchange with non related items will not be accepted.  Shipping fees for all accepted exchanges will be paid by DMAG.eu.
The shipment cost for the first size/color change return, is payed by DMAG.eu. In case the customer intends to make a second return the cost of the related shipment will be charged to the customer himself.


Refunds consist of the total of merchandise purchased, excluding cost of shipping.
All refunds are made in Euros (€). Possible differences in the refunded amount may occur due to fluctuations in daily currency exchange rates and will not be refunded. 

Refund will be made within 14 days from the arrival date of the returned item/s at our head office.

- For orders made by credit card, the amount to be refunded will be visible on the next bank statement of the card. The time of processing may vary depending on the issuing company of the credit card, this time generally takes up to 20 business days.

- When a PayPal transaction is refunded, money returns on customer's PayPal account or credit/debit card. How and when money is refunded depends on the original payment. Customers can check the status of the refund at any time, by logging into their PayPal account.

- Refunds of orders made by bank transfer will only be completed to the original bank account used to make the purchase within 48 working hours after processing of the returned parcel, and only after receiving the bank details from customers.


How to proceed:

Returns in store

Customers can request a return directly in DMAG stores in Milan and choose from the following options:
- request a change in size/color if available. Changes with different items are not accepted.
- receive an immediate voucher of the value of the product. The voucher is valid for an unlimited period of time and can be used in all DMAG stores (excluding the DMAG.eu online site).
- request the full/partial refund of the order using the same initial payment method. This refund will be made within 14 days from the date of the request.

Returns with DHL courier

If customers wish to return an item, they should contact the Customer Service ([email protected]) staff and request a return authorization number (RAN). The written request will have to include the first and last name of the purchaser, order number found on the invoice, the 8-digit code(s) of the item(s) to be returned and the reason of return: example - refund or size/colour exchange.

After submitting such request to our Customer Service, customers will receive an email containing the return authorization number (RAN) and the detailed instructions to be followed in order to complete the return. Customers are to write the given RAN on the return tag attached to the item(s) and on the copy of the invoice which is to be put in the box. Please read and follow instructions carefully as this will make for a speedy and efficient process.

After the return has been approved, the Customer Service organizes the pick up by the DHL courier and provides an electronic waybill that needs to be printed and applied on the package.

ATTENTION: From 1st January 2018, DHL applies a surcharge for each shipment consigned with non-electronic, paper based manual house waybills (€ 3,00 per shipment). For any manual waybill, this amount will be deducted from the total refund. Electronic shipping documentation incurs no additional charges.


Below the shipping fees set for each geographic area:

Italy: €8 (free first return on orders over €200)

European Union (Italy excluded): €20 (free first return on orders over €200)

Switzerland: €25 (free first return on orders over €300)

United States: €35 (free first return on orders over €400)

Japan: €35 (free first return on orders over €400)

Hong Kong: €35 (free first return on orders over €400)

Russia: €35 (free first return on orders over €400)

Rest of the world: €40 (free first return on orders over €500)

In case the customer intends to make a second return the costs of the related shipment will be charged to the customer.
The cost of duties and taxes will be charged to the customer and deducted from refund.

Alternative Return Method

We recommend the client to return items via our shipping carriers so that they are protected and insured during delivery.
However, clients can return an order by any secure means. If you are using an alternative return option, please notify Customer Service.

Our returns address is:
DMAG outlet
Proiezione s.r.l.
via Forcella, 13
20144 Milano (MI)

Please note that DMAG will not accept liability for goods that are not returned via our shipping partners.




Customers are kindly invited to carefully follow the return policy of DMAG.eu, briefly summed up below.

- Item(s) can be returned only for the following reasons: refund and colour/size exchange.
- Item(s) must be returned in its(their) original conditions, neatly packed and with all return tags/security seal still attached.
- The returned item(s) should have not been worn, washed or altered. Shoes and soles of shoes must show no signs of usage must be returned in the same condition in which they were received.
- Item(s) must be returned with all original tags/security seals, wrapping and all related accessories (dust bag, covers, bijoux, etc.) received at time of delivery.
All shoes and accessories must be returned in their original packaging with no signs of damage or alteration from its original state. Original packing for all footwear must not be used as packaging for shipments.

If item(s) are damaged or incorrect upon delivery at the fault of DMAG.eu, customers are kindly asked to follow the same return instructions as explained above. Customers are also kindly asked to provide detailed pictures proving the defect or the mistake. In these cases, shipping costs and duty and tax fees will be at the expense of DMAG.eu.

Returns should be packed in the original shipping box provided by DMAG.eu and include a copy of the original invoice. 

Once items have been returned and approved by our customer service team, we will process the refund within 14 working days upon arrival.

Returns authorized by DMAG.eu must be shipped from the same shipping country DMAG.eu sent the parcel to.


Authorized returns must be shipped using the carrier suggested by DMAG.eu in the email providing the return instructions. DMAG.eu reserves the right not to accept returns if customer tenders the box to a different carrier and in case the delivery of the parcel entails extra costs for DMAG.eu or involves the collection to one of the carrier’s branches.


DMAG.eu reserves the right to refuse returns that have not been properly authorized or sent not in accordance with the return policy of  DMAG.eu. In these cases, DMAG.eu can return the box to the sender at the original shipping address. In case DMAG.eu accepts returns that were not authorized or not in compliance, DMAG.eu can withhold the 10% of the value of the returned item from the refund.