What does street style mean to you? Probably the most undefinable fashion trend, street style is a combination of a mood and a statement. From athleisure with brands like Acne and Yeeze to Neil Barett’s smart casual all the way to the artistic expressions of Rick Owens and Comme des Garcons. Your style on the street is what you make of it … so make something of it!


Sneaker culture, once associated mainly with the Hip Hop culture and dominated by Nike and Adidas, is now a statement found on the chicest of runways. High tops by Balenciaga in florescent greens and pinks, velcro slip-ons by Dolce & Gabbana and multi-coloured lace ups by Lavin. The invasion of top brands in the sneaker realm has forced mainstream sneaker giants to up their game.


Whether Dandy or Hipster, both are a lifestyle well defined be the look. The immaculate attention to detail a true Dandy has when combining his four-piece Thom Brown suit with his Goti accessories to pull together a polished Englishman is not that different from the Hipster’s polished chaos in Marcelo Burlon and Golden Goose. Both looks express a lifestyle that we just can’t get enough of!